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PAR & FDR Adjustments for 2021-22


Typical Year Adjusted for 2021-22
Defer the Deadlines
  • Reports due May 1
  • Peer review feedback returned ~Aug 15
  • Follow-Up reports due Oct 15
  • Reports due June 15
  • Peer review feedback returned by Sept 30
  • Follow-up Reports due Dec 1
Streamline / Focus PARs
  • Template I.3.a. Departments have been expected to address the follow-up on action items identified during the last PAR in order to be considered “Established.”
  • Template II. Programs have been expected to complete information in each column for every PLO..
  • Template I.3.a. Programs not expected to have followed up on every item identified in their last PAR, but rather are asked to have taken action on at least 1 curriculum, instructional, or programmatic change identified and review each of the other items identified and whether they would continue to pursue, place the item on hold, or discontinue it.
  • Template II: Programs may focus assessment on 1/3 of their PLOs (but no fewer than 2 PLOs). Each PLO should be listed in template II, but the assessment and reporting in the remaining columns can focus on the selected 1/3 of the PLOs.
Provide Additional Supports
  • CTL facilitates topically-related workshops in fall and spring
  • Help documents and examples are posted
  • Examples of the new PAR template will be posted.
  • Example FDR will be posted.
  • Workshops and consultations ongoing.