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Completing evaluations of faculty

Note: Download a PDF versions with screenshots

Administrators responsible for completing faculty evaluations should receive at least one email notification when the first faculty self-evaluation has been submitted via Faculty 180.

  • Login to Faculty 180. You should have at least one available evaluation process in the Your Action Items list. For typical chairs, the title of these processes will be similar to “Complete Evaluations: Annual Evaluation Step 2: Chair Evaluation of Faculty Member”. Click on this item.
    • Note that if you are responsible for evaluatees across different units, you will have multiple evaluation processes on your list.
  • You will see a list of faculty whom you will ultimately evaluate.
  • Only those who have completed Step 1 will be ready for evaluation.
  • First, click on the blue eyeball in the Annual Activity Report to review the faculty member’s activity summary for the year. This will open a separate pop-up or browser tab.

    • This document also provides access to the faculty member’s self-evaluation. In the pop-up, go to the Evaluations section at the top of the document. The top entry in this section should contain the self-evaluation.
      • This will open a second pop-up/browser tab.
  • Begin evaluation of the faculty member.
    • After reviewing the Activity Report and the completed faculty self-evaluation form, close the pop-ups and return to the main window (list of evaluations).
    • In the Actions column, click on Evaluate in the row corresponding to the faculty member you are ready to evaluate.
    • Follow the instructions for your college’s Chair Evaluation (of faculty) form.
      • Fields with an * are required, but some required fields are set to “optional” to allow saving and returning for later completion. Please review these for completeness before final submission.
      • File attachments will be enabled for most colleges at the bottom of the form. Again, only evaluation-specific supporting documents should be uploaded here.
      • As with every form, click Save to retain your work.
    • On the main list of pending faculty evaluations, select Cancel to exit and return to this evaluation later.
    • IMPORTANT: If you are meeting with your faculty member to discuss a draft of your evaluation of her/him, you must use the PDF button in the Export column to download a file to send to your faculty member via email.
      1. This is the only way for faculty to see an evaluation before you officially submit your evaluation.
      2. We also recommend you use this button to save PDF copies of your evaluations before final submission! (It is much harder to extract this information from the system afterward.)
    • When ready to submit, select the check box next to that evaluation and hit Submit Selected Evaluations
    • You will then see the pop-up; click Submit.
    • Your evaluation of the faculty member will now be forwarded for her/his review (Step 3, aka Faculty Acknowledgement & Signature).
      • Note that the evaluation process is not complete, only the chair’s evaluation of faculty whose evaluations have just been submitted.
    • Once submitted, the chair evaluation to do item will continue to appear on the Action Item list on the main page until all of the evaluations of faculty have been submitted for that step.
      • We highly recommend emailing the faculty members when your evaluation is submitted so that they may have the opportunity to complete Step 3 by the deadline (April 15).

Common question: How do I review all of the faculty members’ narratives side-by-side?

  • Go to Administration –> Reports in the left-hand sidebar. Under Administrative Reports, select the Evaluations report.
  • In the Faculty box, confirm that you have the faculty you need. Typically this consists of full-time faculty during the previous calendar year.
    • However, if you have part-time lecturers you evaluating, click the [number of] Faculty Selected box and change Employment Status from Full Time to All Active. Click Select [number of] Faculty to confirm.
  • In the General box, be sure the Begin and End dates run from Jan 1 to at least April 30 of the current calendar year. (Dates are based on when evals are completed.) Click Build Report.
  • Under the Evaluation Titles column, click on the hyperlinked number corresponding to the evaluation process housing your faculty members’ self-evaluations.
  • In the next table, in the Total Evaluations column, click on the hyperlinked number corresponding to the faculty self-evaluation step.
  • Find the data rows corresponding to faculty narratives (e.g., Teaching Narrative (Past Calendar Year)).
    • Note that scrollbars make it hard to review comments. Double-click inside a window you wish to read and a new window will appear with the entire text
    • When you are done, hit Return to go back to the main table
  • You may also export this table of results to Excel by clicking on the Actions button in the top-right of your screen and choosing this option.  Note: Unless your department is very small, we do not recommend the “Print Page” option for export; it will not fit your standard 8.5″ x 11″ printed page. You may have some luck with legal-sized paper (11”x14″).