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Completing your annual self-evaluation

Note: Download the PDF version with screenshots (relevant info begins on p. 12).

You should receive an email notification in very early January informing you that the formal evaluation process has opened.

Upon login, you will see a notification to this effect on your Dashboard in the Action Item list. Click on the hyperlink for the desired process.

  • Note: Chairs and other supervisors will have multiple processes listed in their Action Item list; often this consists of one for evaluating their evaluatees, and another in which s/he is the person being evaluated.

Once you click on the hyperlink, you may preview your Annual Activity Report again by clicking on the blue eyeball in the Annual Activity Report column. A new window will open.

  • Note: Sections of the report drawing from the Profile section of your database will display all of your profile information, not just for the calendar year under review.

To access your self- evaluation form, click on the Evaluate button in the Actions column. The form will open in a new window. (Library faculty: This is where you will locate your Job Description form.)

  • Follow the instructions for your college’s self-evaluation form
  • Fields with an * are required, but check with your chair regarding expectations – some, if not all required fields are set to “optional” to allow you to save your work and return later.
  • Most colleges will have Attachments enabled. However:
  • Only use the Attachments section at the bottom of this form to load a Sabbatical report, if you participated last year.
  • Other documents should be attached directly to the relevant data entry section (i.e., original record).
  • Examples:
    • Course syllabi, evaluations, and classroom observation reports e.g., TEACHING – Credit Courses
    • Article PDFs or video of play production e.g., RESEARCH – Scholarly and Creative Contributions

Click Save to retain your work.

  • Your self-evaluation is now saved, but not yet submitted.

You may continue to return to the form until you submit it. Simply click Cancel to exit the evaluation.

To submit:

  • Select the checkbox next to your evaluation
  • Click Submit Selected Evaluations
  • Click Submit in the resulting pop-up


  • The evaluation process is not complete, only this self-evaluation (Step 1).
  • Once submitted, Step 1 will no longer appear on your Action Item list on the main page. Your information will automatically be forwarded to your chair.