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Adding Course Eval Summary Statistics to TEACHING – Credit Courses records

COEN and COED faculty only

You cannot add course evaluation numbers through the regular view of courses in the Activities section.

Instead, go to your Dashboard. At the top-right of the table, set the view to Show All entries.

You will then find the following item to click on Update Your [Calendar Year] Activities for Annual Performance Evaluation.

Scroll down to the TEACHING – Credit Courses section and find the course you wish to provide summary statistics for. To the right, you will see an Add button; click it.

  • If there are no evaluations for a given course, you may enter NA.
  • Once all of those items have been entered, click Save and Go Back at the bottom of the screen. You should check your Activity Report to see if they are showing in the tabular view of your courses.

In order to fully submit the statistics, you will need to complete the entire “Update Your [Calendar Year]…” task.

  • Note that within each section that says ACTIVITIES REQUIRE YOUR ATTENTION, you will need to make the changes and then click Update.

Once the entire task is done, click Review is Complete at the bottom of your screen.