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Uploading attachments to TEACHING – Credit Courses

Note: Download a PDF version with screenshots

Go to Activities in your left-hand sidebar.

Click on View Teaching under TEACHING – Credit Courses.

When the menu expands, set the Start and End semesters and years to set the range of semesters’ courses you wish to work with. Click Refresh.

Find the Course Attachments table corresponding to the semester during which you taught the course. Click Add.

  • In the resulting pop-up, attach your file (or provide a URL, if applicable). Be sure to indicate the type of file you are uploading e.g., Syllabus. Click Upload.
  • You may upload multiple documents for each document type.
  • Note: If you taught multiple sections of the same course in a given semester, it is highly advisable that you attach the file separately for each section of the course.
  • Repeat this processes for other semesters and courses as needed.

To remove an attachment or URL, click on the hyperlink under in the column type (e.g., Syllabus) you wish to edit.

  • In the resulting pop-up, find the X symbol in the row corresponding to the file you wish to remove. Click the X.