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Importing from ORCID

For a full guide with screenshots, download this PDF.

Integration with ORCID saves time by allowing users to seamlessly update their data within Faculty180 from their ORCID record. In order to use this integration, a faculty member must establish an account/record in the ORCID system, thus generating a unique ORCID iD for themselves.

  • See this Google document from Albertsons Library for help on setting up your ORCID account. Note that you may also choose to import records from your Boise State-linked Google Scholar account to ORCID first. Please visit this Transferring Works website to find out more.
  • Important: Do not important grant records directly from ORCID, especially grants processed by Boise State’s Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP). OSP records are imported for you monthly by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness.
    • You may continue to enter/import grants that are not processed by OSP. If you are not certain whether your grant is OSP or not, contact Institutional Effectiveness at

Once an ORCID account is established the faculty member simply gives Faculty180 permission, via OAuth, to access the ORCID account directly, then the ORCID import and export functionality becomes available. (See the above guide.)