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Updating a scholarly/creative activity record’s status

Note: Download a PDF version with screenshots

Find the record by first clicking on Activities in the left-hand sidebar of your account.

Expand the RESEARCH – Scholarly & Creative Contributions section.

  • If you have many publications or works, you may need to go to the top-right of this section and tell 180 to show all records. The default is 20 records.

In the row corresponding to the record you wish to edit, click the pencil icon.

Within the record, click on Manage Status.

A pop-up should appear — enable pop-ups for Faculty 180 if necessary.

  • Any pre-existing statuses of that record will be listed. Do not delete these!
  • Click Add.

Select the new Status and choose the Semester and Year for which that status is correct, and click Save.

The list of statuses should now include the new addition. To exit the pop-up, simply click Cancel or the pop-up’ window’s X.

When you return to the main view of the record, click Save and Go Back  at the bottom of the page to save your record.