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Where to enter Activities


Input sectionRelevant Activity ClassificationSubtypes listedHelp notes
TEACHING – Non-Credit InstructionInstruction TypeCenter for Professional Development
Center for Teaching and Learning
Continuing Education
Faculty Internship
Guest Lecture
Library Instruction
Management/Executive Development
Osher Life Long Learning
Review Course
Use the option Guest Lecture only for those instances in which the guest appearance was more or less a one-off event. For extended, continuous instruction in a non-credit bearing situation, please complete this record in the Supporting Teaching Activity section.
TEACHING – Supporting Teaching ActivitiesType of Primary SupportAdjunct Supervisor
Assisted with a for-credit course
Assisted with a not-for-credit course
Blackboard Course Coordinator
Course Coordinator
Director of a Concert
Director of Exhibition
Director of Play or other Dramatic Production
Course Guest Instructor (for credit)
Course Guest Instructor (not for credit)
Simulation Teaching
For extended, ongoing supporting teaching activity, please indicate the type of support. For one-off guest lecture appearances, please complete this record in the Non-Credit Instruction section and select "Guest Lecture" when completing the Instruction Type Activity Classification.
TEACHING – Directed Student LearningDirected Learning TypeBFA Thesis Committee
Cooperating Organization Supervisor
Directed Individual/Independent Study
Doctoral Advisory Committee Chair
Doctoral Advisory Committee Member
Graduate Advisory Committee Chair
Graduate Advisory Committee Member
Independent Study
Internship Advisor
Internship Supervised by Others Off Campus
Internship Supervised by You
Master's Advisory Committee Chair
Master's Advisory Committee Member
Master's Thesis Committee Chair
Master's Thesis Committee Member
Postdoctoral Research Supervision
Senior Show Committee
Supervised Research
Supervised Teaching Activity
Undergraduate Honors Thesis
SERVICE (Internal) – Boise StatePosition/RoleAdvisor, Orientation
Attendee, Graduation
Committee Chair
Committee Co-Chair
Committee Member
Committee Officer
Conference Session Chair
Event Chair
Event Co-Chair
Event Committee Member
Faculty Advisor
Faculty Mentor
Guest Speaker
Internal Grant Proposal Reviewer
Panel Member
Prepare/Grade Certification Exams
Program Coordinator
Program Director
Program Organizer
Project Chair
Project Co-Chair
Project Committee Member
Section Head
Student Org Advisor
Student Recruiter
Task Force Chair
Task Force Co-Chair
Task Force Member
Workshop Organizer
Use this classification to indicate your primary role associated with this service activity to Boise State.
SERVICE (External) – CommunityCommunity Service Role TypeAttendee, Meeting
Board Member
Board Officer
Committee Chair
Committee Member
Committee Officer
Conference Host
Conference Session Chair
Grant Reviewer
Guest Speaker
Panel Member
Program Coordinator
Program Organizer
Seminar Organizer
Task Force Chair
Task Force Member
Track Organizer
Workshop Organizer
SERVICE (External) – Editorial & Review ActivitiesEditorial/Review RoleAssociate Editor
Book Editor
Editorial Board Member
Journal Editor
Journal Special Issue Editor
Textbook Editor
Other Editor
Ad Hoc Reviewer
Book Reviewer for Publisher
Conference Paper Reviewer
Grant Reviewer
Invited Manuscript Reviewer
Journal Reviewer
Panel Reviewer
Publications Committee Member
Review Panel Member
Other Reviewer
Use this classification to indicate the nature of your role in carrying out the editorial or review activity.
SERVICE (External) – Profession/DisciplineProfession/Discipline Service Role TypeBoard Member
Board Officer
Committee Chair
Committee Member
Conference Chairperson
Conference Program Organizer
Conference Referee
Conference Session Chair
Conference Track Organizer
External Evaluator
Guest Speaker
Journal referee
Panel Member
Prepare/Grade Certification Exams
Program Coordinator
Program Organizer
Promotion/Tenure Reviewer for Another Institution
Task Force Chair
Task Force Member
Workshop Organizer
Select as many roles as they apply to you with regard to this specific activity. If you indicate "Other," please complete the text field that will appear with it.
SERVICE (External) – ConsultingConsulting TypeAcademic
Management Consulting
Technical/Professional Work
DEVELOPMENT – Faculty & ProfessionalDevelopment Activity TypeAttended Academic Conference
Attended Non-Academic Conference
Continuing Education for CPE Credit
Faculty Internship
Faculty Training
Self-Study Program
CTL workshops and seminars are uploaded to user accounts twice per year: August (Spring/Summer terms) and December (Fall term).

You are highly encouraged to avoid creating duplicate entries by hand.