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Welcome to Faculty180

Faculty180 is a faculty and activity reporting tool used for workload reporting, accreditation reporting, annual evaluation, promotion and tenure, CV and bio sketch generation, and more. It is the replacement to Digital Measures (DM), the contract for which ended in May 2016. Based on feedback received about DM over the years, the move to Faculty180 was motivated by the desire for a system that was easier to use, more flexible, and more useful. In 2017, Faculty 180’s parent company was purchased by Interfolio.

If you had an account in DM or started your employment last year, you have an account in Faculty180. If you do not have an account, you may need to contact us. Try logging in, and if you can’t access the system, get in touch at

Additional Resources

User Interface

When you log into Faculty180, you’ll be taken to your dashboard. The dashboard will contain actions items in a Your Action Items list for processes such as annual evaluations. It also contains a search faculty function (Find Colleagues) to find other faculty with similar interests and an Announcements & Help section.

At the top of the screen, you will see the following tiles:

  • Quicklinks (when outside the dashboard)– you can save links to specific screens in the system here and access them later.
  • A tile with your name in it
    • Branding Settings adjusts the appearance of colors and logos on your account; no need to go there.
    • Interfolio Dossier is the account to manage documents for inclusion in future promotion/tenure applications.
    • Boise State University is your Faculty 180 account where you enter your profile and scholarly/teaching/service activities information.
    • Account Settings takes you outside of Faculty 180; you will not need to go here.
    • Product Help takes you to the generic help pages for all Interfolio products, including Faculty 180.
    • Sign Out – to exit the system

On the left-hand side of the screen, you can jump from the dashboard to other sections of the system in the Faculty tab.

  • Home – returns you to the main screen containing the Your Action Items table
  • Announcements & Help
    • Interfolio Announcements from the vendor
    • Institutional Announcements from Boise State administrators of Faculty 180
    • Campus Support provides the Boise State help email,
    • Institution FAQ’s answer common questions posed by Boise State faculty about 180.
  • Profile – to enter information such as degrees and work experience
  • Activities – to enter information on your teaching, research, and service
  • Evaluations – to access prior or ongoing annual evaluations
  • Forms & Reports – to fill out forms that are requested by your department, college, or university
  • Vitas & Biosketches – to create and run vitas and bios ketches
  • Find Colleagues – To find Boise State colleagues using a keyword search
  • Account Access – allows you to delegate access to your account beyond those already allowed by the Faulty 180 administrator. Also shows others’ accounts to which you have access if they have chosen to grant access.
  • Administration – Only available for those who have administrative privileges

Your Data

If you had data in a DM account, all of your data has been moved into Faculty180.

Every December, you will be asked to participate in a review of your data for the calendar year in preparation for annual evaluations. You will receive an email from the system when this is ready.

Note that we upload course information (beginning and end of term), and Office of Sponsored Projects Grant information (every 1-2 months) and Center for Teaching & Learning participation (December) on your behalf.

Evaluation Workflow

Following completion of the formal Data Review process, the formal, three-step Annual Evaluation process will begin in early January and is illustrated below.

DM Data Migration (Summer 2016)

Please note that during the transition from DM, we consolidated several screens from DM in an effort to make data entry easier. For example, all scholarly and creative contributions are now organized into one section. As a result of that, and the fact that Faculty180 requires start dates for all information entered, there are a few points to keep in mind as you look through your data. (Note that we tried to update as many of these records as possible given the information available to us.)

  • If you didn’t put in a Start Date for a record in DM, we put in 1966 for the year in Faculty180.
  • If you didn’t put in an End Date for a record in DM, the record might say “Ongoing” for the End Date.
  • The Profile screen, ‘Work Experience – Non-Academic’ may have academic ranks in it if they were previously entered into the wrong screen in DM. They should be in the ‘Academic Ranks’ screen in the Profile area.
  • Records on the ‘Research & Creative Activities in Development’ screen in DM were reclassified as “Other Works” and given the status of “In Progress”.

To make reviewing your data easier, we suggest you run the ‘Comprehensive Vita—Boise State’ in the Vitas & Biosketches section. Click the ‘or all’ option in the Details box to see all of your data laid out in a vita view. Scroll through your data, and if you see something that needs to be corrected, click on the relevant section heading to visit the input area where you can make edits.

DM to Faculty180 Crosswalk

To assist you in the transition from DM to Faculty180, we’ve created a crosswalk between the screens that were in DM and the related screens in Faculty180.