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Faculty 180 to Digital Measures Crosswalk


Faculty 180Digital MeasuresTypes of Information Included
PERSONAL InformationPersonal/Contact/Tenure InformationRecord faculty member demographic information.
CONTACT InformationPersonal/Contact/Tenure InformationRecord faculty member contact information, such as office, email, phone emergency.
ACADEMIC RANKSPersonal/Contact/Tenure InformationRecord changes to academic rank, at Boise State or other institutions, such as Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor. Includes Boise State and other institutions.
ADMINISTRATIVE POSITIONS - Academic Boise State Administrative AssignmentsRecord formal academic administration positions, at Boise State or other institutions, such as Chair, Dean, Associate Director, Graduate Program Director. Such positions usually affect your annual state compensation and/or workload definition.
WORK EXPERIENCE – OtherAcademic, Government, Military and Professional PositionsRecord work experiences that are not academic ranks or academic administrative positions.
TENURE EligibilityPersonal/Contact/Tenure Information
Semester Administrative Data
Record information about tenure eligibility, years of credit, extensions, etc. and when your tenure was awarded. (Edited by college)
INTERESTS, Expertise, BiographyPersonal/Contact/Tenure Information
Nursing Philosophy & Contributions Statement
Record statements of expertise and interests in research, teaching, and service plus a biographical sketch.
DEGREESEducationRecord each degree obtained.
MEMBERSHIPS - Academic & Professional Academic and Professional MembershipsRecord each relevant and active academic or professional membership.
LICENSURES & CertificationsLicensures & CertificatesRecord professional licenses and certificates.
Nursing-only: NURSING LICENSURES, Certifications, FellowshipsNURSING LICENSURES, Certifications, FellowshipsDepartment Specific Section: Record professional licenses and certificates related to Nursing and other Health Sciences.
DEVELOPMENT – Faculty & ProfessionalFaculty Development ActivitiesRecord significant activities pursued to develop your knowledge and skills, such as attending workshops, faculty fellowships, taking courses, etc.
TEACHING - Credit CoursesScheduled CoursesView uploaded information regarding for-credit courses taught at Boise State (uploaded twice per term, after 10th day and after end of term).
Faculty can record course workload adjustments, and upload course related documents such as course evaluations or syllabi.
Special Notes: (a) Fields that were in Digital Measures to record information about various aspects of courses taught, will be stored off-line. Faculty may request this information, but at this point it is not being uploaded to Faculty 180. (b) Files uploaded into Digital Measures will be loaded into Faculty 180 later this Fall. (c) COBE Assurance of Learning information is still under consideration by the College as to how it should be addressed.
TEACHING - Directed Student LearningDirected Student Learning Record activities where faculty work directly with individual students, such as independent study, thesis credit, research projects, performances, etc., or involve groups of students. This may, but need not, be associated with a formal credit course.
TEACHING - Non-Credit InstructionNon-Credit Instruction TaughtDescribes non-credit instruction that falls outside Scheduled Courses, such as certification classes, continuing education, Osher, executive education, non-credit workshops or seminars. May be formal/informal, internal/external, academic/professional
TEACHING - Supporting Teaching ActivitiesSupporting Teaching ActivityRecord activities that support the education of Boise State Students, but does not involve a direct teaching role. This may include working with groups of students or with their instructors in a supportive role, such as course coordinator, adjunct supervisor, or temporary guest instructor. It may also include activities not related to scheduled courses, such as organizing a student study abroad, directing a student concert, judging a student competition, or serving as a faculty in residence.
RESEARCH - Scholarly & Creative ContributionsResearch/Creative Activity Projects Currently in Progress
Publications – Journals
Publications - Other Works
Conference Papers, Presentations and Invited Lectures
Performing and Visual Arts Performances, Exhibits, and Compositions
Research/Creative Activity Projects Currently in Progress
Intellectual Property
Media Contributions
Record a wide variety of published or created contributions:
• Articles published in journals or conference proceedings
• Books and book chapters
• Published instructional materials such as textbooks, instructional supplements, instructional software
• Conference activities, including presentations, poster sessions, symposia, workshops, etc.
• Other disseminated materials such as abstracts, manuscripts, working papers, research reports, technical reports software, etc.
• Artistic activities, such as visual arts performances, exhibits, musical compositions, plays, essays, etc.
• Information about intellectual property, such as copyrights or patents.
• Media contributions in radio, newspaper, television and internet.
• Research projects and creative activities that are under development.
RESEARCH - Grants/ContractsSponsored Grants and Contracts
Non-OSP/Pre-2008 Grants & Contracts
View uploaded grants and contracts for which funding originates or passes through the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) (Uploaded monthly).
Record grants and contracts that are not tracked through the Office of Sponsored Programs, but where funding originates or passes through the University.
RESEARCH - Supporting Grant/Contract ActivitiesSupporting Grant/Contract RolesRecord participation in a supporting role to other investigator's grants and contracts work.
ADVISING - Academic & CareerAcademic AdvisingRecord, for each academic year, the number of advisees assigned/advised/met, plus the hours spent advising students.
SERVICE (Internal) - Boise StateService to Boise StateRecord significant service activities undertaken for departments, colleges, the university, as well as for student groups, such as committee member/officer, curriculum director, advisor, etc.
SERVICE (External) - CommunityService to CommunityRecord non-compensated service provided to local, state, national or international organizations, (including profit and non-profit), where your expertise is used. These are activities that benefit others outside of Boise State and your discipline or profession.
SERVICE (External) - Profession/DisciplineService to Profession/DisciplineRecord routine, non-compensated service provided to your discipline or professional organizations. Such as committee member/officer, conference organizer, etc.
SERVICE (External) - Editorial & Review ActivitiesEditorial & Review ActivitiesRecord editorial or review service activities undertaken for your discipline or profession
SERVICE (External) - ConsultingConsultingRecord compensated service provided to organizations that do not include Boise State or your professional/ discipline organizations. (This may include activities organized by a University program for external audiences.)
HONORS - Awards & HonorsAwards and HonorsRecord honors or awards you have received.
COAS only: STUDENTS – Awards, Honors & AccomplishmentsStudent Awards, HonorsCollege Specific Section: Record honors or awards your students have received.
VitaWhile standard Vita formats will be developed for general use, faculty may develop their own customized version of available system or college templates.
BiosketchesIdentify your most significant contributions related to a given NSF or NIH grant in order to produce a required biographical sketch.
To be developed, late fall 2016
Annual Evaluation Workload Report
Record, for a calendar year, assigned/completed workload percentages, planned workload percentages, as well as faculty narratives and self-evaluations. Included is related information about Sabbaticals, course reductions, FTEs, etc. With workflow and electronic signatures, the chair can record comments and ratings of teaching, research and service, as well as access uploaded supporting documents from links within the report.
Forms and Reports
Printable Classification Forms > AACSB Revised Standards View uploaded AACSB information for faculty classifications. This was information contained in the Digital Measures screen, Personal/Contact/Tenure Information