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Boise Chiropractor Accused of Exploiting, Mistreating Patients

By Audrey Dutton

The Idaho Statesman, June 30, 2015

Boise chiropractor Laverle Breshears faces a license suspension for exploiting patients financially, giving them unnecessary or useless treatment, misdiagnosing them, and violating the standards of care and licensing rules for the state. Breshears put patients through years of treatments, multiple times a week, that may have hurt patients instead of helping them, according to documents from the Idaho Board of Chiropractic Physicians and its administrative partner, the Bureau of Occupational Licenses. When an 85­year­old woman came to Breshears for back pain, he diagnosed a yeast infection and prescribed nutritional supplements. It turned out she had breast cancer…See more here:

Idaho Alternative-Health Providers See Big Growth

By Audrey Dutton

The Idaho Statesman, October 21, 2015

Annette Schultz had been told by her medical doctor that she had irritable bowel syndrome. It was causing her a lot of pain. The doctor offered medication and suggested taking fiber to keep the pain in check, she says. Schultz wanted to get at the root cause of her pain and treat that, and she didn’t want to use a prescription drug. According to the Mayo Clinic, a number of nondrug approaches … from acupuncture to hypnosis to diet … could help treat her disorder. Instead of seeking help from her medical doctor, Schultz followed a recommendation from her Pilates instructor and friend to see a naturopathic physician, Diana Crumrine of Foothills Family Medicine in Boise. “She talks to me not just about what my pain is, and, … See more here:

Poverty in North Idaho

The nature of needs past, present and future

The Reader, October 10, 2015

Poverty in Sandpoint, Idaho has long been regarded as an invisible problem.

It’s a reality that makes life difficult for those who work closely with the region’s most vulnerable residents. After all, those who face the threat of homelessness aren’t usually sleeping on the streets—they’re skirting eviction from their home. The area’s hungry residents aren’t begging for food—they’re stretching dollars at the grocery store or going to school Monday morning on an empty stomach.

The Sandpoint Reader partnered with the Idaho Media Initiative to peel back the layers surrounding poverty and homeless in the region and shine a light on the lives and social problems that often remain in the dark. Read the full, four-part, IMI-funded series:

Part 1: Poverty in North Idaho
Part 2: The Roots of Poverty
Part 3: Front Lines in the War on Poverty
Part 4: A Reason to Give Thanks

Idaho Securities Lending Hits Taxpayers

How Wall Street made millions off an Idaho investment scheme and the secret settlement that protected the bank

By Eric Hayes

Blue Review, May 31, 2016

The State of Idaho’s 15-year foray into securities lending may have cost taxpayers more than the $19 million the state has acknowledged, but Idaho Treasurer Ron Crane signed away an opportunity to find out just how much money Idahoans lost — and a chance to get it back — in a confidential settlement agreement in 2012. The settlement resolved a lawsuit the state had filed against KeyBank, according to documents The Blue Review obtained in an investigative project funded by the Idaho Media Initiative.

Read about the project and link to Haye’s article.

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