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Post Grades

Step-by-step Instructions

Step 1

Go to the Professional Development Instructor Access Page.

Step 2

Enter your Boise State ID number and password.

Step 3

Check the box to “Include courses taught in the past”, then click “Log On”.

screenshot of instructions.

Step 4

Locate the course that you are posting grades for in the lower table (the upper table is used simply to access rosters). Under “Gradebook,” click Edit.

screenshot of instructions.

Step 5

In the “Grade” column, next to the name of each student, select a “P” for a passing grade, or an “F” for a failing grade. Once grades are entered, click Save Changes.

screenshot of instructions.

Step 6

Once you have clicked Save Changes, a blue message will appear stating that “Registration Records have been updated.” Upon seeing this, you have successfully posted grades.

Click “Close Form” to return to the main instructor screen.

NOTE: You may save the roster partially completed and return to it later, but grades will not be made official (and thus appear on student transcripts), until after all grades have been posted.

Screenshot of Instructions