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Graduate Level, Non-degree-seeking

VESi Professional Development Online

The Boise State College of Education in partnership with Virtual Education Software, inc (VESi) offers online courses for educators that are convenient, flexible, and teach relevant and applicable content.

Summer 2022 is the last semester for VESi courses through Boise State

Summer 2022 will be the last semester that Boise State’s K12 Professional Development program will offer courses through VESi. We are working with school districts and faculty to identify new courses that offer flexible enrollment dates and pacing to meet the professional development needs of Idaho educators. 

If you are used to taking VESi courses, you may find that courses from Customizable Professional Development (CPD) are a good fit as they are also self-paced and online.

If you are looking for a specific course topic and cannot find a match, please let us know. We are always looking to expand our catalog of offerings and will do our best to find something that meets your needs.

Getting Started with VESi Online Courses

Follow these step-by-step instructions to move through the process of applying, enrolling and beginning a VESi online professional development course through Boise State.

Get Started with VESi

VESi Program Details

  • graduate-level courses
  • graded pass/fail
  • appear on your transcript with a 553-course number
  • cannot be changed to academic credit or applied towards a degree
  • cost $240 for a 2-credit course; $285 for a 3-credit course
  • all correspondence will be through your Boise State email account assigned to you during registration