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Vesi Requirements

Review the following information

Before You Start a VESi Course

Our first priority is helping you to succeed. We encourage you to reach out with questions or concerns while preparing for or completing your course. The Center for Professional Development staff is available to answer questions and clarify the process if needed.

What You Need Know

Course Design

Class Workflow

  • Each course consists of chapters with reading material, followed by an exam that includes both true/false and multiple-choice questions.
  • An assigned reading must be completed in its entirety before access to the exams is allowed.
  • Students are provided with contact information for the instructor and for technical support staff along with a course syllabus.


  • Each exam may be taken up to three times with the most recent score becoming the official exam score.
  • One must complete all section exams and earn a minimum 70% score, showing a competent understanding of the material presented.

General Requirements


Access BroncoMail to receive information related to the course. You must also be comfortable contacting the instructor independently with questions or problems via email or telephone.


Successful completion of this course requires a time commitment of at least 40 hours for a 2-credit course or 60 hours for a 3-credit course. To receive full credit for the course, you must complete all course modules, exams and submit any final assignments by specified deadlines.

Computer Requirements


  • VESi courses are designed to be taken online using a reliable high-speed internet connection.
  • You can take courses in either Mac or Windows operating systems on up-to-date smart devices, laptops and desktop computers.

Basic Computer Skills

Having personal computer skills and the ability to send emails and search the web is recommended for the best learning experience.

Completing the Course


  • Certificates of completion and assignments are due one week prior to the end of the session.
  • For specific due dates see the VESi Important Dates page.
  • We recommend submitting coursework early to ensure your instructor can review all materials and submit your grade on time.

Certificate of Completion

After you have successfully completed all chapter exams, please submit the online course certificate of completion to VESi as instructed in the course program.

Technical Support

VESi Support and Contact

If you experience technical problems with the operation of your course, VESi offers a number of ways to get technical support and solve those problems.

  • Visit VESi’s website support pages.
  • Email or phone VESi technical support at or (800) 313-6744 toll-free.
  • When contacting VESi technical support, be prepared to share the version of your browser and name of your computer’s operating system.