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Description and Fees for Ages 5-7

Activities Ages Fee Time Length Description Location
5-7$8850 minThis class will cover fundamental basketball skills such as ball handling, passing, and shooting. Modified equipment including smaller balls and lower nets will be used to make sure all children will be successful.Bronco Gymnasium Building, Room 100
Movement and Music5-7$8850 minThis class will focus on combining music with basic rhythmic movement patterns. Rhythmic movements to folk and creative
dance skills will be included.
Kinesiology Annex Building, Room 201
Recreational Games 5-7$8850 minThis class will include a wide variety of activities including bocce ball, croquet, kickball, pickelball, Frisbee golf, table tennis, board games, etc. Depending on class size, this class may be combined with children between 8-14.Meet in Bronco Gymnasium Building, Room 215
Soccer Activities5-7$8850 minThis class is intended for younger students and will work on very basic soccer skills. Sportsmanship, team play, and variations of soccer activities will be included.Meet in Bronco Gymnasium Building, Room 100
SUPER Sports Skill Games5-7$8850 minThe focus of this class will be to develop the motor and sports skills for our younger students. The class will include agility tasks (using a variety of motor skills), throwing, kicking and volleying games.Bronco Gymnasium Building, Room 215
Swimming 5-14$8845 minThis class will offer basic, intermediate, and advanced swimming skill instruction. Your child will be assessed at the beginning of the session to determine a developmentally appropriate class level. Student-to-instructor ratios will be approximately 5:1 for those with beginning skills and 8:1 for those with more advanced skills.
*Note: time varies from others to allow children to change & transition to next class.
Kinesiology Annex Building, Pool
"Take 5" - Lunch Break5-14$5050 minThis is a supervised period where children will bring their own brown bag lunch. There will be time to eat, socialize with friends, and participate in fun activities directed by the staff until their next class begins.Bronco Gymnasium Building, Room 215
Tennis 5-7$8850 minThis is a program for younger children designed by the US Tennis Association. The equipment (racquets, slower balls) is scaled down to the child’s size to make learning tennis easy and fun. Instructors with specialized training teach these classes.Bronco Gymnasium Building, Room 215
*note 8AM class will meet on Appleton Tennis Courts
Tumbling for Beginners 5-7$8850 minThis class is for younger students and will focus on balance, flexibility, and strength. Basic tumbling and gymnastics skills will include forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, handstands, and more.Kinesiology Annex Building, Room 201