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Ken Bell, PhD

Clinical Professor and Co-Director of the K-12 Physical Education Program, Department of Kinesiology


Ken Bell joined the Department of Kinesiology faculty in 1997. Previously, he served as an elementary and middle school teacher in Physical and Health Education, as well as a middle school and high school coach of many sports for many years. Upon completing his PhD in Physical Education Curriculum and Instruction at Virginia Tech State University, his focus has been directed towards the preparation of future physical and health education teacher, as well as developing effective professional development school partnerships with local schools.

Research Interests:

  • Physical Activity and Physical Fitness
  • Physical Self Perception
  • Teaching Methods and Pedagogy
  • Professional Development Schools

Select Publications:

  • Graham, G., Elliott, E., Plamer, S., & Bell, K. (2016). Teaching Children and Adolescents PHysical Education (4th Ed.). Champagne, IL. Human Kinetics (Video Ancillaries)
  • Bell, K., & Bale, J. (2016). Got skills? A physical educator’s guide to teaching children skills for a lifetime of movement (3rd Ed.). Boise, ID: Bell & Bale PE Solutions.
  • Bells, K., Johnson, T. G., Shimon, J., & Bale, J. (2013). The effects of Game Size on the Physical Activity Levels and Ball Touches of Elementary School Children in Physical Education. Journal of Kinesiology and Wellness, Fall 2013.
  • Shimon, J., Johnson, T. G., Moorcroft, S., & Bell, K. (2013). Fitness and Enjoyment Outcomes of a Physical Education Fitness Conditioning Curriculum. Journal of Kinesiology and Wellness, Fall 2013.
  • Johnson, T. G., & Bell, K. (2011). Using a modified programmed practice sheet to promote skill learning and assessment in physical education. Strategies: A Journal for Sport and Physical Educators, 24, 16-19.


  • KINES 107 Educational Gymnastics
  • KINES 114 Outdoor Education
  • KINES 351/352 Elementary Physical Education Methods and Field Experience
  • KINES 355 Elementary Physical Education & Health Methods
  • KINES 458 Curriculum Design in Physical Education
  • KINES 460/461 Elementary and Secondary School Physical Education Field Experiences

Contact Information:

Office: K-207
Phone: (208) 426-1228
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