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Graduate Assistantships

2023-2024 Academic Year

Currently, three graduate assistantships are open for the 2023-2024 academic year. Additional positions will be added if funding becomes available. A graduate assistantship provides a stipend, tuition/fee waiver and health insurance. Students from underrepresented groups are strongly encouraged to apply.

Graduate Research Assistant, Skill Acquisition and Psychophysiology

This graduate research assistant will primarily work with Dr. Mariane Bacelar on her research projects. Duties include but are not limited to data collection, data processing and analysis, and results dissemination. Dr. Bacelar’s research is focused on investigating how motivation affects motor skill acquisition and the neurophysiological mechanisms underlying performance and learning. The prospective student might also be involved in metascience projects focused on understanding the current state of motor behavior research, which will then include duties such as literature search, data screening, extraction, and analysis. For more information, please contact Dr. Mariane Bacelar at

Graduate Assistant, Kinesiology

This graduate assistant will work with Dr. Yong Gao to provide teaching (mainly grading and occasionally instructing) and research (e.g., literature review; data collection; and writing) assistance on one or more of the following areas based on the student’s interest and career goal(s): Physical activity and health outcomes; Sports performance analytics; and concussion-related projects (e.g., developing predictive algorithms using objective measurement data). This GA may also be paired with another faculty supervisor and asked to teach lab sections for a Kinesiology undergraduate course and/or assist with teaching in other ways. For more information, please contact Dr. Yong Gao (

Graduate Research Assistantship, Sport Psychology

This research assistant will aid primarily in research activities for Dr. Eric Martin including (but not limited to) locating, requesting and summarizing research articles, initial data entry, cleaning and analysis, transcribing interviews, and support in the writing and submission of journal articles. His research focused on three areas, specifically: (1) resilience development and intervention for both student-athlete and non-student athlete collegiate populations, (2) athlete activism with a focus on environmental factors that influence engagement, or lack of engagement, in activism, and (3) youth sport with a focus on development and consequences of motivation and passion for sport. Students might also support some teaching activities (i.e., grading, in-class activities, etc), with the possibility of leading class discussions or topics depending on student interest. For more information, please contact Dr. Eric Martin at

For more information about Kinesiology graduate programs and to apply for an assistantship, please contact our Graduate Program Coordinator.

Graduate Program Coordinator (MSK, MK)

Dr. Laura Petranek
Phone: (208) 426-4366

Learn More about Laura Jones Petranek