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STEM on the Move Summer Camp

STEM on the Move 2024 will not be offered this year. Stay tuned for Summer 2025.

STEM on the Move is a summer camp designed to inspire students entering grades 6 and 7 to pursue STEM education and stimulate interest in careers in science and technology. The camp is sponsored by the Idaho Transportation Department and comes at a minimal cost to the students. It features two four-day all-day camps for a total of 50 participants.

Students complete STEM projects inside a bus
STEM Exploration 2015, Boise State Campus, Photo Patrick Sweeney

This year’s program brings together faculty in mathematics, chemistry, and human-computer interaction to create a unique educational experience underpinned by the theme of transportation. Students will get to simulate traffic and design optimal solutions for busy intersections, explore ideas for using smart devices to create connected cities or explore how ants or birds organize their traffic. In addition to STEM content, the students will experience Boise State campus through daily lunch&learn meetings with researchers and participate in outdoor enrichment activities.