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1995 Alvin Poussaint

Headshot Alvin Poussaint

“Welcome to a World of Difference”

Alvin Poussaint is an expert on race relations in America and the dynamics of prejudice in our increasingly multicultural society. He is one of the country’s top authorities in the fields of stress, interpersonal communication and family dynamics. In addition, he is a strong proponent of non-violent parenting and parenting education. Poussaint was also the Southern Field Director of the Medical Committee for human rights in Jackson, MS., providing medical care to civil rights workers and aiding the desegregation of health facilities throughout the South. Dr. Poussaint joined the Harvard Medical School in 1969 and is also the author of Why Blacks Kill Blacks and co-author of Raising Black Children. As a script consultant to a popular television programs, “The Cosby Show,” “A Different World,” “MTV” and “Nickelodeon.” Poussaint is an advocate for more responsible network programming.