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2002 Rubin “Hurricane” Carter

Headshot Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter

“Racism: Understand it, Accept it, Defeat it”

Rubin “Hurricane” Carter is a human rights activist and former professional boxer who served 19 years in prison until his murder conviction was overturned for racial bias. As a child, he suffered a severe speech impediment. When other children laughed at his stuttering, he soon discovered another way of getting his message across; his fists could do all the talking. Carter’s professional boxing career began in 1961, and his fast furious style made him a crowd favorite. A distinctive fighter with an awesome left hook, shaved head and baleful stare, Carter scored many early round knockouts, and earned the name “Hurricane”. Today, Mr. Carter is the executive director for the Defense of the Wrongly Convicted and a member of the board of directors for the Southern Center for Human Rights (Atlanta) and the Alliance for Prison Justice (Boston).