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2010 – Dr. Cornel West

Headshot Dr. Cornel West

“Back to Basics: Expanding the Dream”

Princeton professor of African-American studies, civil rights advocate, and author Dr. Cornel West drew an audience of 1,200, the first time that a keynote speaker for the MLK celebration has drawn over 1,000 people in several years. A well-known champion for social justice, West wrote “Race Matters,” a book that changed the course of America’s dialogue on race, justice and democracy when it was published in 1993.

Student organizations receiving funding through the MLK committee were required to present during the week, and their workshops were the highest attended. Four student groups made presentations on the King legacy and how it continues to impact us today: OrganizaciĆ³n de Estudiantes Latino Americanos; Black Student Alliance; Intertribal Native Council; and the International Student Alliance.