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For Faculty

Our department provides many opportunities for faculty to interact with students inside and outside the classroom, as well as opportunities for collaboration and training.

We focus on education in the areas of development, issues of power and privilege, social justice and internalized oppression, and promote an environment where people with different values and beliefs are treated with respect and dignity.

Collaborative Opportunities

Student Organization Advising: Become an advisor and connect with students outside the classroom.

Classroom Connection: Have a film or a speaker you want to bring to campus? If it fits with our mission, we can work collaboratively to create an event.

Classroom Presentations: We are available to speak to issues of power, privilege, oppression and social justice. If we fit into your curriculum, we’d love to come to your class.

Tunnel of Oppression: Our premiere event attracts hundreds of students every year, creating opportunities for Service-Learning, extra credit and faculty co-chairing. You can also help guide and advise one of the theaters.

Mentoring Programs: We mentor first-generation, refugee and international students. If you want to help mentor a student, let us know.

Advisory Board: We are always looking for faculty interested in being on our board. The board meets monthly and selects an annual chair.