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Black Lives Matter

Dear Music Students, Faculty, Staff, and Supporters,

The Department of Music at Boise State University stands resolute with the Black Lives Matter movement. We resolve to do better, to keep learning, and embrace our BIPOC students, faculty, and staff, and our University, community, and the world around us with open ears, with open eyes, with open hearts, and with open minds. But something has to actually change!

Ours is a great program, with world-class faculty, talented and bright students, and a devoted staff. But we are not doing enough. We are not doing enough of the right things. Music is a form of communication, so we have to ask ourselves, what do we want and need to say with our music?

  • Music is healing–how may we be contributing to the betterment of others?
  • Music is motivating–what is driving our discipline and how can we demonstrate this more clearly?
  • Music holds the history of the world–how may we honor the past, but also reflect more of the present, while also holding steadfast dreams of the future?

It is upon each one of us to contribute to the good of this whole. I hope you will join the Department in a series of discussions this coming year; I will be in touch later this summer with further details. Let us please join together to help each other make a change. Black Lives Matter.

My best,

Dr. Linda Kline
Chair and Professor
Department of Music
Boise State University