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Surface Science Laboratory (old)

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Surface Science Lab Staff


Top Row (L to R): Dr. Paul Davis, Audrey Parker, Victor Nguyen; Bottom Row (L to R): Alejandra (Ally) Almaraz, Ashton Enrriques, Fabian Molina

Dr. Paul H. Davis

Micron School of Materials Science & Engineering

Student Researchers (Current)

Student Researchers (Recent Alumni)

Dr. Paul Davis, Sam Ryan, and Jesse Schimpf
Left to Right: Former SSL research staff members Kari Livingston Higginbotham, Dr. Paul Davis (SSL Manager), Sam Ryan, and Jesse Schimpf
Dr. Paul Davis, Corey Efaw, and Katie Livingston Yocham
Left to Right: Former SSL researchers Jasen Nielsen, Dr. Paul Davis (SSL Manager), Corey Efaw, and Katie Livingston Yocham
Top Row (L to R): Jesse Schimpf, Ashton Enrriques, Dr. Paul Davis; Bottom Row (L to R): Olivia Maryon, Sophia Mitchell, Audrey Parker









Facilities & Equipment

The SSL (MCMR 126) has recently expanded and moved into a 925 ft2 lab housed in the new Micron Center for Materials Research (MCMR). Located on a 12″ thick isolated concrete slab, the SSL is specifically engineered to provide a constant temperature, low noise environment for optimal AFM and SEM operation. Currently, the SSL contains a Phenom tabletop SEM and 5 Bruker AFMs with complementary capabilities situated atop either passive or active vibration isolation tables and housed in acoustic dampening enclosures, with the latest addition a Bruker Anasys nanoIR3-s AFM-IR/s-SNOM system that was installed Spring 2021. In addition, a Herzan VA-2 3-axis accelerometer (PDF) is available for characterizing and monitoring the vibrational noise spectrum. More details regarding the SSL’s capabilities can be found in the SSL Brochure (PDF), and a recent quote regarding the SSL’s suite of Bruker AFMs can be found on the Bruker Surface Analysis website alongside testimonials from other high profile Bruker AFM users around the world.

Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) or Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM) Systems

Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) Systems

AFM/SPM Capabilities