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Multi-Dielectric Band Diagram Program

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Support and FAQ’s

About the Program

The Nanoscale Materials and Device Group has developed an easy-to-use, interactive simulation tool for complex, multi-layer dielectric, MOS and MIM devices. This program is useful for visualizing approximations of energy band diagrams, and performing back-of-the-envelope calculations of their important parameters.


Operating System:Microsoft Windows XP or better with .NET 2.0 Framework
Processor:1.8 GHz or faster (dual core recommended)
Memory:128 Mb of unused system memory
Disk Space:2 Mb after installation


In Windows 7 / Vista, the program can’t open the databases! What do I do?

The program files directory can’t be read or written from by the program under Windows 7 / Vista. Try right-clicking the icon and selecting “Run as administrator.” You can also install the program to your My Documents folder to avoid the problem if you don’t have administrative privileges.