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Accessing The SSL

If you would like to be trained on one of the SSL’s AFMs, please read through the SSL Policies and complete an SSL Use Request Form, Advanced AFM Use Request Form, or nanoIR3-s AFM Use Request Form as appropriate. Trained users can access iLab to reserve AFM time. Alternatively, samples can be dropped off for imaging with an accompanying AFM Imaging Request Form. External industry users can utilize Boise State’s standard Analytical Services Agreement template to access the SSL’s AFM imaging, characterization, and analysis capabilities. Please contact the SSL manager or staff with any questions.

Note: Effective October 1, 2023, the SSL will become a recharge facility under the umbrella of the Boise State Center for Materials Characterization (BSCMC), part of the Fabrication, Characterization, and Testing (FaCT) Core in the Boise State University College of Engineering (COEN).

Hourly Recharge Rate(s)

ServiceBSU Internal Rate AExternal Rate BExternal Rate C
Phenom SEM$5.00$7.03$25.00
Dimension 3100 AFM$5.00$7.03$25.00
MultiMode 8 AFM$5.00$7.03$35.00
Ambient Dimension Icon/FastScan AFM$7.75$10.89$50.00
Glovebox Dimension Icon/FastScan AFM$14.50$20.37$75.00
Hysitron Nanoindenter$15.00$21.08$50.00
Anasys nanoIR3-s AFM-IR/s-SNOM$20.00$28.10$100.00
Technical Assistance$25.00$35.13$75.00

BSU Internal Rate A: Anyone paying with a BSU segment string, which includes BSU sponsored projects*, BSU appropriated funds, or BSU local funds. Only used for interdepartmental charges (IDCs) between BSU segment strings.

*BSU sponsored projects are considered internal, even though the funds originate from external sponsors, and each sponsored project will have its own indirect cost (F&A) rate in addition to the internal (A) rate.

External: Any customer/user who is NOT paying with a BSU segment string. These are funds that originate outside of Boise State University but are NOT sponsored projects. These funds may come directly to the recharge center in the form of paper checks, card payments, ACH transfers, e‐checks, etc.

External Rate B: Any entity that is established as nonprofit (tax‐exempt) or not‐for‐profit (not tax‐exempt). This may be other public institutions of higher education, governmental agencies, 501(c)(3) organizations, etc.

External Rate C: Any private or commercial entities, including individuals acting in self‐interest.

Contact Information:

General inquiries:

Dr. Paul H. Davis:

Victor Nguyen:

Ben Bailey:

Nolan Olaso:


Certifications Ben BaileyNolan OlasoVictor Nguyen
Topography: (Tapping, Peak Force Tapping, Non Contact Tapping)checkmark Yescheckmark Yescheckmark Yes
Glove Box checkmark Yescheckmark Yescheckmark Yes
Fluid checkmark Yescheckmark Yescheckmark Yes
Electrical Modes
checkmark Yescheckmark Yescheckmark Yes
Electrochemical Modes
Magnetic Modes
(PF-QNM, nanoIndentation)
checkmark Yescheckmark Yescheckmark Yes
(AFM-IR,s-SNOM, nanoTA, sThM)
checkmark YesNoNo

Current Semester AFM Imaging & Training Hours:

SSL Employee Class Schedules (Fall 2023)