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Education Building Will Re-open in Phases as Work Continues

Faculty and staff who work in Boise State’s Education Building will begin to move back into their offices this week.

A failed valve in an emergency fire suppression system caused water damage in the facility on Saturday, June 13.

Facilities officials are working with the deans of the affected colleges to create move-in schedules as repairs and inspections are completed. The first three floors are set to re-open this week, followed by most of floors four and five, and parts of six and seven, which were the most heavily damaged by the 8th floor leak.

Some spaces will not be available until the repairs are fully complete. Specific instructions for building tenants are being communicated directly or through the deans’ offices.

The water leak forced some summer classes to be moved. A full and updated list of the classes that have been relocated can be found at

The leak was on the top floor of the eight-floor building and is estimated to have spilled about 400 gallons of water per minute for about an hour before it could be contained. The damage was most extensive in the floors, ceilings and walls in the administrative offices on the sixth and seventh floors, which house the colleges of Education, and Arts and Sciences and the School of Public Service. Some damage continued throughout the lower floors, much of it contained to the elevator lobbies.

The extent of the damage and the estimated cost of repairs is not yet known.

Updated information will be available at Faculty, staff and students with questions can call (208) 426-4991.