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Photo of the Week — Oct. 17

Photo of Amemarlita Matos with a songbird.

Amemarlita Matos (front) works with Katie Temple, an Intermountain Bird Observatory (IBO) songbird banding crew leader, to remove songbirds from nets near Lucky Peak. They then identify, measure, weigh and band the birds before releasing them.

Matos is a Mozambican student with a research fellowship at Gorongosa National Park and an IBO trainee. As part of her research fellowship, Matos spent three months training with IBO at their autumn migration station near Lucky Peak. She learned to handle and collect data on songbirds, raptors and owls, and survey techniques she will be able to use when she returns to Gorongosa National Park. Matos will return to Gorongosa this winter to finish her research fellowship and then begin searching for graduate degree programs to continue her education.

Photo by John Kelly

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