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Mandatory HR training: creating a respectful workplace

Boise State University is committed to providing a respectful workplace that supports diversity and inclusion to all employees. In addition, in accordance with state policies, all state employees are expected to complete an in-person annual training, Creating a Respectful Workplace, in 2020.

Boise State employees can sign up for a training in OrgSync.

Each session will provide employees with the foundation needed to build and maintain an inclusive work environment, free from discrimination and harassment. By understanding the laws and policies that guide professional conduct, employees will have a better understanding of discrimination and harassment, as well as ways to handle and report it. They also will better understand how to work within a diverse workforce.

New hires are expected to complete this training within 30-days of their hiring date. After 2020, the annual training may be completed online or in person.

Several sessions are available each month; HR also can accommodate custom sessions for interested departments or workgroups. To schedule a session, please contact Denise Stringer at orĀ  (208) 426-1617. Stringer also is available to answer any questions about the training.