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Employee benefit information: Follow up to open enrollment, premium rates and a look at what’s to come

Annual open enrollment and a virtual benefits fair saw 16 vendors present 30 workshops during the week; 54 employees attended the different events and the recordings will soon be posted to the benefits website.

These presentations cover products related to retirement, health and wellness, financial planning and more.

As a reminder, Boise State does not determine annual open enrollment dates. The university is required to follow the dates established through the State of Idaho and the Office of Group Insurance.

New premium rates

The new employee medical and dental premium rates for FY22 will begin with the June 11, 2021 paycheck. More information about the rates can be found on the State of Idaho Office of Group Insurance website.

An update on flexible spending accounts and paper forms

The Boise State benefits team processed just under 600 flexible spending account enrollment forms durning the open enrollment period. These forms must be manually reviewed, printed and copied into a database.

While most employees and the benefits department would welcome a more automated method of enrollment, neither the State of Idaho nor the university are at a point where such a system can be implemented because the university does not share the state’s employee management systems.

Both the State of Idaho’s Office of Group Insurance and Boise State Human Resources are actively working to convert to new payroll and benefit platforms, with the goal of being able to submit benefit information electronically in the future.

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