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Reporting time for Juneteenth holiday, Idaho COVID-19 Vaccine Incentive


In accordance with a newly signed federal law, the state of Idaho and Boise State University recognized Juneteenth as a holiday on Friday, June 18. All benefit-eligible employees are asked to be sure their time cards accurately reflect hours for this new holiday before Monday, June 28.

  • For benefit-eligible employees, Friday, June 18, should be left blank, and the payroll system will automatically generate holiday pay.

  • If a benefit-eligible employee reported any type of leave on the holiday, it should be removed and left blank.

  • If an hourly benefit-eligible employee worked on the holiday, the employee should code the time as HOA for holiday worked accrued, or HOW for holiday worked paid.

    • HOA allows the employee to receive comp-time for vacation to be used at a later date. HOW allows the employee to receive paid time.

    • Both HOA and HOW are calculated at time-and-a-half. For example, an employee who worked 8 hours would receive 12 hours of comp-time or paid time.

    • Departments will need to approve whether or not time can be paid or if it needs to be accrued as comp-time.

  • If hourly benefit-eligible employees reached their scheduled 40 hours for the week prior to Friday, and Friday is their normal day off, eight (8) hours of time worked on Thursday needs to be coded as HOA or HOW for the holiday.

    • Similarly, if their normal schedule is Thursday and Friday off, Saturday would be their holiday.

  • Professional or salaried employees who worked on Friday, June 18, will need to arrange with their supervisor or department to take a day off at another time for time worked on the holiday.

Quick FAQs:

  • I am a Classified or Hourly employee and I worked on Friday, June 18. What do I need to do?

    • The employee’s timesheet would need to be coded as HOA to be accrued and used at a later date, or coded as HOW to be paid for the holiday pending supervisor approval.

  • I am a Professional or Salaried employee and I worked on Friday, June 18. What do I need to do?

    • A future date would need to be arranged with the supervisor or department to take the time off that was worked on the holiday.

  • My normal work schedule is Monday through Thursday and I work 10-hour days. How should I code my time?

    • If Friday was your normal day off, Thursday would be your holiday, so Thursday should be coded as HOA or HOW.

  • What if I was out sick or out on vacation on the holiday, how is my time coded?

    • Remove time on Friday, June 18. The payroll system will automatically generate holiday pay and your sick or vacation will not be used.

  • What if I am on approved medical leave or FMLA, how is my time coded?

    • You wouldn’t report FMLA hours.

For all other questions please email

Idaho COVID-19 Vaccine Incentive

Per state policy, all Boise State employees are eligible to code four hours of COVID-19 Paid Administrative Leave for receiving a full dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Incentive Leave may be used for the appointment to receive the vaccine, to recover after receiving the vaccine, or as paid leave if an employee already has received the vaccine.

Supervisors are encouraged to work with employees to allow them to utilize this incentive. When submitting timesheets, employees must insert a comment noting the date(s) they received the vaccine(s). Incentive Leave cannot be taken until after receiving the full dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and must be coded prior to December 31, 2021.

Incentive Leave Codes

Incentive Leave codes will vary per job classification. After receiving approval, please code your time according to your classification.

Paid Administrative Leave Time and Labor Codes

Benefit Eligible Hourly

Benefit Eligible Salary

Non-Benefit Hourly

Non-Benefit Salary

Student Hourly

Student Salary








Quick FAQs:

  • Who does this apply to?

    • All University employees, student, temporary, etc. who have received a full dose of COVID-19 vaccine on or before August 31, 2021.

  • Do I need supervisor approval to take Incentive Leave?

    • Yes. Similar to other time off, please talk with your supervisor about when you would like to use your Incentive Leave, either to receive your COVID-19 vaccine or to enjoy this incentive time for receiving your COVID-19 vaccine.

  • What if I already have received my full vaccine dose(s)?

    • Talk with your supervisor to utilize your four (4) hours of Incentive Leave on a day of your choice, prior to December 31, 2021.

  • Can I recapture sick or vacation time taken when I was out due to receiving my COVID-19 vaccine?

    • If you already received the vaccine and utilized your own accrued leave, or took unpaid time off, you cannot request to have that leave or unpaid time changed to Incentive Leave on your timesheet. Instead, you need to request to utilize Incentive Leave leave as time off sometime before December 31, 2021.

  • Where can I get more information?

  • Supervisor Reminder:

    • While we have the opportunity to allow employees who are fully vaccinated to receive 4 hours of paid leave, we need to remind everyone that deciding to vaccinate is a personal decision. Please refrain from making comments or asking employees why they choose to be or not to be vaccinated.

    • Many individuals will not receive a vaccination for medical reasons, religious reasons, or other personal reasons. And many vaccinated individuals may not select to use the time off that has been allowed. Remember, we want to respect everyone we work with, and that means not asking or discussing with others these types of questions that may be the result of personal and medical concerns and issues.