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Human Resources updates: Time off, time cards, trainings and more

Annual leave reminders

Summer is just around the corner and this is a great time to for individuals and their supervisors to start planning time away from work and aligning calendars. An employee’s health and wellbeing is a major component of the campus people strategy and annual leave is an earned perk provided to benefit-eligible employees for the purpose of rest and relaxation to reduce stress and recharge. Despite the proven benefits of time away from work, many employees do not use their leave and are close to, or at their maximum leave balance allowed to accrue.

Having open and encouraging conversations surrounding time off within teams is one of the best ways to ensure employees feel safe and secure in the use of their earned leave. Supervisors play an important role in encouraging employees to take time off, supporting their time off, and preventing employee burnout. Human Resources would like to encourage supervisors to take a few minutes in their next staff meeting to promote using annual leave among their teams.

Time card change

Effective immediately, time card entry is restricted to the current pay period and the preceding period only. If hours from earlier periods were missed, an employee’s supervisor will need to submit a paper time card to

Engagement survey results

Human Resources would like to thank everyone for participating in the employee engagement and supervisor survey conducted in February. Preliminary results show two-thirds of employees consider themselves to have a high level of engagement and 82% would refer someone to work for Boise State. One area that shows room for improvement is employee development, with only 38% of employees reporting they know what it takes to move up in the organization. The Learn and Grow program is specifically designed to address this concern, developing employees to be successful and advance in their careers.

Human Resources will continue to analyze the survey data to rate leadership effectiveness and guide the creation of training for supervisors, focusing on communication and trust.

Cyber security training

The annual cyber security training is a requirement for all benefit-eligible employees and must be completed by March 28. If an employee is having trouble signing in to the training platform, contact Rachel Fischer at

Upcoming trainings and workshops

Learn and Grow – Career and Skills Development

Learn and Grow is a free career development program. The program’s goals are to develop employees with the skills and competencies necessary to be successful in their current role and to qualify for promotions or other jobs on campus.

  • 9 a.m. Thursday, April 7: Facilitation – Running a Meeting – in-person
  • 9 a.m. Thursday, April 21: Facilitation – Running a Meeting – Zoom

HR FUNdamentals

Learn about the different types of employees, how to hire, benefit triggers, best practices, tips, tricks and available resources.

Shared Leadership

Now accepting applications for 2022-2024 Shared Leadership program.