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Celebrate the team that cuts the checks: National payroll week Sept. 5-9

Sept. 5-9 is national payroll week and the university recognizes the important work of the payroll operations team which works diligently to ensure paychecks are prepared correctly and paid on time. 

“The team has done an amazing job rising to the challenge of a new payroll system,” said Catherine Weitz, associate vice president of human resources. “This past year, members of payroll processing have spent countless evening and weekend hours serving campus employees.” 

Please join in celebrating the payroll operations team dedicated to serving campus employees:

    • Hannah Barnes
    • David Eakin
    • Michelle Estrada
    • Cecilia Garcia
    • Paul Gephart
    • Rex Hadley
    • Kimberlee Hall
    • Lizzy Hemphill
    • Holly Maakstad
    • Carrie Matheson
    • Camile Mick
    • Rachel Neely
    • Kendall Nichols
    • Courtney Pacholke
    • Kayla Pasut
    • Crystal Pidjeon
    • Julie Roossien
    • Regan Walker
    • Leah Wilson