Dates and Cost

Remaining Dates for First-Year Student Orientations

August 5-6
(2 day)
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August 15-16
(2 day)
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*Please refer to your confirmation emails sent from our which will detail the date and event details for the program you signed up for. Make sure you have secured a spot in an orientation have paid guest fees (if applicable) before booking any travel.

How much does it cost?

The basic cost of your Orientation is covered by the New Student Curriculum fee. You’ll see this charge on your fall tuition and fees statement. For first-year students starting in the fall, you are encouraged to stay overnight on campus for an additional $30. If you are bringing your family, guest fees are listed below:

Optional Fees for Summer Orientations:

  • Overnight Lodging Fee: Sawtooth Residence Hall (one night): $30 per student
  • 2-Day Family Orientation Guest Fee: (adults age 12+): $70 per family member
  • 2-Day Family Orientation Guest Fee: (children under 12): $20 per family member

Parents and family guests do not have the option to stay overnight on campus.

Note: Payments for overnight lodging and guest fees are nonrefundable.