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Faith Chennette DNP, RN

Adjunct Faculty
RN-BS Completion Track


My name is Faith Chennette and I am a Meridian, Idaho gal. I am married with 2 boys, age 11 and 13. I live with chickens, ducks, turkeys, yorkies, snakes, a tarantula, fish and a healthy regard for the beauty of life.

I enjoy family, working and playing outdoors, reading, dancing, the YMCA, community service, learning, retail therapy, cooking/baking and the good things in life.

I graduated with a CNA in 1986, an ADN in 1993, a BSN in 2007, an MSN in 2010, and a DNP in 2017. I completed my BSN, MSN, and DNP online.

I have worked in the hospital for over 20 years. I am board certified in oncology, pain management, hospice and palliative care. I currently work at St. Luke’s Medical Center in Boise on the Oncology Unit.

I have taught for 5 years and enjoy learning and interacting with my students. I have a varied teaching background (much like my clinical background!) from mental health to pharmacology to pediatrics. By far, my favorite is pharmacology (how strange, I know). I look forward to learning with you!