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Undergraduate Transfer (Policy UG-02)

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Effective Date

Fall 2004

Last Revision Date


Responsible Party

The Divisional Dean (DD), Associate Divisional Dean/Chief Nurse Administrator (ADD/CNA), Program Director (PD), advising staff, and the transferring student.

Scope and Audience

Students applying to transfer from their current nursing program to the School of Nursing.

Additional Authority

BSU: Credit for Prior Learning (Policy 3040), CHS: Background Check (Policy 313), Drug and Alcohol Testing (Policy 314) 

1. Policy Purpose

The Transfer Policy describes the process for a student requesting to transfer from another nursing program into the Pre-licensure or RN-BS Nursing Programs at Boise State University School of Nursing (SON). Selection of eligible Pre-licensure candidates will be based on Pre-license Governance Team review and on space availability.

2. Policy Statement

All prospective students must apply to Boise State University prior to applying to the School of Nursing as either a new student or a transfer student.

Pre-licensure Track

To be considered for admission as a transfer student from another nursing program, the student will make an appointment with the Program Director. The student will provide the following at this appointment:

  1. A letter from the current nursing program stating they have left or are leaving in good standing.
  2. A letter requesting consideration for entry into the Nursing Program should be submitted to the Program Director.
  3. Academic transcripts from all colleges and universities attended.
  4. Catalog descriptions and course syllabi for all completed nursing and nursing prerequisite support courses.

Note: Nursing theory and clinical courses must have been successfully completed within two years of the date requested for admission. Nursing courses, clinical courses, and support courses must have been completed with a grade of C or better.

Meet the Boise State University School of Nursing’s admission and application criteria.

After reviewing all documents, the Program Director and/or PL Governance team will make a determination if the student is eligible and which courses will be accepted for admission into the Boise State University Undergraduate Nursing Program.

Acting on input from the faculty, the Program Director will determine the appropriate semester for the student’s placement in the Nursing Program, if accepted.

The Program Director will:

  1. Notify the student in writing of their contingent admission status and, if applicable, specific semester placement.
  2. In the above communication to the student, notification will be included about any content areas that will require additional study or coursework.

If the transfer student is accepted into the Nursing Program, the Program Director will:

  1. Send a written letter of acceptance to the transfer student.
  2. Notify the appropriate School of Nursing Student Services staff member and appropriate faculty of a possible admission and semester placement.

Within the timeframe noted in the acceptance letter, the student will respond regarding their intent to accept the terms established for admission and placement, and their intent to enroll. This response must be received by the established deadline. Failure of the student to accept in writing or the failure to enroll will jeopardize any future attempts to transfer into the Program.

If accepted, the transfer student will make an appointment with the Student Services Pre-Licensure Advisor. The Advisor will collaborate with the Program Director to develop a plan of study prior to the meeting. During the meeting the student will be assisted in registering for classes in the Nursing Program.

If the transfer student is determined as ineligible for admission, the Program Director will notify the student in writing.

The Office of the Registrar at Boise State University retains final decision on transfer credit acceptance.

RN-BS Completion Track

Prospective RN-BS transfer students include:

  1. ADN graduates with an associate of science or arts degree or students who have a previous bachelor’s degree that meet Boise State general education requirements.
  2. ADN graduates with an associate of applied science degree and Diploma Nurses.

These students should request transcript reviews to determine any unmet general education requirements.

  • Boise State University accepts all academic credits from regionally accredited institutions.
  • Courses transfer to Boise State on the same level as taken (lower or upper division) at the original institution.
  • Quarter credits are converted to semester credits (one quarter credit equals 2/3 of a semester credit).
  • The Office of the Registrar at Boise State University retains final decision on transfer credit acceptance.

For a preliminary transcript review, please send an unofficial transcript from each institution you have attended to

3. Forms


Related Information

BSU: Credit for Prior Learning (Policy 3040)

CHS: Background Check (Policy 313), Drug and Alcohol Testing (Policy 314)

SON: Clinical Compliance (Policy SON-01)

Last Review Date


Revision History

Fall 2004, Spring 2016, Summer 2020, 4/1/2022