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OER Lunch & Learn Webinar Series

Webinar Archive


Session 1: (September 3)

What is OER? / Licensing
Memo Cordova, Associate Professor/Librarian
Elisabeth Shook, Assistant Professor, Head, Scholarly Communications and Data Management

OERs may take the forms of many types of teaching materials, including lesson plans, assessment tools, and textbooks. The creation of OER relies on the open sharing of resources through the ability to reuse, remix, and distribute. This session will provide attendees with the ability to find and reuse existing material to create new open educational resources. Participants will be led through a process of search and discovery, and gain an understanding of Creative Commons licensing.

View “What is OER? / Licensing” Webinar Recording (Closed Captioned)

Session 2: (September 24)

Pathways Project Showcase
Kelly Arispe, Associate Professor of Spanish and Coordinator for Secondary Education, World Languages
Amber Hoye, Director of World Languages Resource Center, World Languages

The Pathways Project hosts a collection of over 450 classroom activities across 10 different languages, all collaboratively created by Idaho world language students and teachers. In this workshop, we’ll explore how we’ve used OER Commons to host these ancillary materials, our partnership with world language students and teachers, and share some lessons we’ve learned along the way!  Participants will gain an understanding of the features of OER Commons, ideas for co-creating with students, and an understanding of resources available to K-16 language instructors.

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Session 3: (October 1)

Pressbooks 101: OER Creation Made Easy
Rob Nyland, Research and Innovation Team Manager, eCampus Center

While the affordances of OER make them incredibly flexible, they can be difficult to author, edit, and distribute using existing tools. In this workshop, we will introduce you to Pressbooks, a market leading and Boise State-licensed tool for the creation, remix, and distribution of accessible OER.  We will provide an overview of Pressbooks functionality and will get you started on creating OER content that can be flexibly utilized in your course.

View “Pressbooks 101: OER Creation Made Easy” Webinar Recording (Closed Captioned)

Session 4: (October 15)

Creating Projects in Pressbooks

Dr. Emily Meredith, Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Biology
Nico Diaz  and Chelsee Rohmiller DeBolt, Academic Development and Recovery Advisors, Advising and Academic Support Center

Join us for an overview of Pressbooks as a tool to satisfy your needs when developing OER content. The panelists will present their experience with the platform, highlighting usability, accessibility, and ways to incorporate Pressbooks into your courses. They will provide ample time for attendees to ask questions.

View “Creating Projects in Pressbooks” Webinar Recording (Closed Captioned)

Session 5: (October 29)

Increase student engagement with OER assignments (Renewable vs. Disposable Assignments)
Bob Casper, Instructional Design Consultant, Center for Teaching & Learning

Join us to explore how open educational resources (OER) can solve a perennial challenge: inspiring students to engage fully in class assignments and to understand those assignments’ value beyond a single course. We will discuss how to use “renewable” assignments to encourage students to take full ownership of their work and give students’ efforts meaning beyond the class, as well as a broader audience. OER use, curation, and creation by instructors and students can play an essential role in realizing student buy-in. Participants will reflect on how they might integrate these practices into their courses. 

View “Increase Student Engagement with OER Assignments” Webinar Recording (Closed Captioned)


Session 6: (November 12)

From Links to a Textbook: Building your Own OER Book
Monica Brown, OER Coordinator, eCampus Center

The eCampus Open Book Summer Grant program was an opportunity for 5 faculty to build OER. These faculty were able to pull from a variety of openly licensed resources to create a cohesive new textbook for their students to access. Learn more about the process, the resulting projects, and how you too can create a book from a variety of resources. 

View “From Links to a Textbook: Building your Own OER Book” Webinar Recording (Closed Captioned)