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Blackboard Mobile Apps


Blackboard has significantly overhauled their mobile applications. The Blackboard Mobile Learn app, Bb Student app, and Bb Grader app are no longer supported and have been replaced with the Blackboard app for students and the Blackboard Instructor app for faculty. Please visit your device app store to download.

Blackboard Mobile Applications
Blackboard Blackboard Instructor Bb Mobile Learn
Blackboard Blackboard Instructor Blackboard Mobile Learn
What’s New:

Aside from a new icon and a few bug fixes, this app is comparable to the Blackboard Student app that was released last year.

What’s New:

Blackboard Instructor is the much-anticipated companion app for educators. Instructors may use it to conveniently manage courses, easily communicate with learners, and quickly complete administrative tasks.

Other features of Blackboard Instructor include:

  • Quickly preview content and assessments
  • Send course announcements
  • Create discussion board threads and reply to comments
  • Participate in Collaborate virtual classroom sessions
Deprecated. Please discontinue use of this app.

Download the Blackboard Learn Mobile App

iTunes App Store (Apple)Google Play (Android)Blackberry

Keep in Mind:

The Blackboard mobile app allows you to connect with your classes, instructors, and classmates from any mobile device. However, as with many mobile apps, you may have limited function when compared to the web-browser version.