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Blackboard Open Content

Blackboard Open Content is new for Fall Semester. This feature allows instructors to upload, license, and share course content in a central location through Blackboard.

Unlike Google Drive, Open Content is native to Blackboard and directly integrated at the course level. By hosting and sharing content in Open Content, faculty can manage access to, licenses for, and versions of content without having to leave the Blackboard ecosystem. For instructors who share/update course content across sections or use a variety of learning objects in their courses, Open Content helps streamline processes in course building and updating. Open Content also serves as a great means of getting started with open educational resources (OER).

Turn on Bb Open Content

  1. Access your Blackboard course site
  2. Select “Customization” under the “Control Panel” in the “Course Management” menu
  3. Select “Tool Availability”
  4. Check the box to the far right of “Blackboard Open Content”
  5. Check the box to the immediate right of “Blackboard Open Content (in Course Tools)”
  6. Click Submit

Access Bb Open Content

  1. Access your Bb course site
  2. Select “Course Content”
  3. Under the “Course Content” page title, hover over “Build Content” in the orange horizontal menu
  4. Under “Mashups,” select “Blackboard Open Content”
  5. You will be automatically directed to Blackboard Open Content

For further assistance in making effective use of Blackboard Open Content, contact Jonathan Lashley ( and/or Bob Casper (