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2018 LTS Faculty Survey

In late January of 2018, LTS sent a survey to 1405 faculty and received 397 responses, a response rate of 28%.  Respondents were experienced faculty who taught several classes per semester. Sixty per cent taught traditional face-to-face classes and 28% taught online classes. Ninety per cent of respondents used Blackboard, and they were satisfied with the ease of use with the features listed in the survey, with the Blackboard gradebook being the only feature to have a significant number of respondent’s saying it was difficult.  Respondents were also asked about their use of TechSmith Relay and iClicker/REEF. These products are not widely used at this point; only 22% of respondents use TechSmith Relay and only 8% use iClicker/REEF. Results for TechSmith in the survey were largely inconclusive. Most of the TechSmith users did not use the features listed on the survey. The respondents who use iClicker/REEF find that polling during class is easy (87%).  The most problematic feature for iClicker/REEF users is the attendance feature, which is not surprising since the geolocation option for attendance does not work correctly. Use of the product for regular attendance works well. We also discovered that faculty are interested in OER, Lightboards, and wireless presenting. They also prefer consultations. As a result of this survey, LTS intends to review web and internal documentation, offer more targeted workshops and consultations and proceed with plans for FLCs (Faculty Learning Communities) for iClicker/REEF and TechSmith Relay.

For a full analysis, please read our executive summary. In addition, those at Boise State can view the abbreviated survey results.

To request a full copy of the survey, email