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Bulk Mail Services


mail bin full of envelopes to be sealed and posted

Bulk mail service is provided by Central Mail Services to Boise State departments. Here’s how to prepare bulk mailings at Boise State.

Contact Central Mail Services at (208) 332-1950 in order to determine how to begin your bulk mail project. After talking with Central Mail Services, complete the Request for Services and Bulk Mail Guidelines form.

General Information and Guidelines for Bulk Mail

  • Minimum piece count for a bulk mailing is 200.
  • Return address must have Boise State University spelled out completely.
  • Include your organizational (billing) code underneath the return address.
  • Please have the proper bulk rate permit pre-printed on your mail piece. We are unable to provide individual hand stamping services.
  • All mail must be the same size, weight and content, and all information must be generic on each piece except for the address.
  • Addresses must be in zip code order, from lowest to highest. Boise State Print Shop can print your pieces this way. If your pieces are not in zip code order, these will be sent as first class mail instead of the bulk rate.
  • Envelopes must be delivered to us in USPS Mail Trays.
  • If envelopes need to be sealed, flaps must be up and nested. Separate envelopes in USPS mail trays into windowed and non-windowed envelopes. Envelopes that are not nested will not be sealed by Central Postal Services.
  • Only domestic mail can be sent bulk rate.
  • Mail deliveries and pickups are made once per day to department mailboxes around campus.


If you have questions about how to send interoffice mail, outgoing mail or packages, or bulk mail services at Boise State, visit the Mail Services website or call us at (208) 332-1950.