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View My Class Roster


How to view your class roster from the Faculty Center.


Select the Class Roster link as shown below.

Class Roster Link

The Class Roster page displays information about the course including:

  • Course Title
  • Catalog Number
  • Class Number
  • Section
  • Meeting Pattern
  • Building
  • Room Number

It also includes three folder tabs for student information. Notice that the Class Roster defaults to display Enrolled Students. To see how many students have dropped your class, choose the Enrollment Status of Dropped.

Faculty Class Roster

The first folder tab, Faculty Class Roster, displays the Student’s Name, ID Number, Class Level, Grade, Audit, Credits (for this course), Conditional Enrollment, and Program Plan.

Class roster page screenshot

Student Contact Info

Additionally, The second tab ‘Student Contact Info’ displays the Student’s Name, ID Number, Email Address, Telephone and Mailing Address. In order to view students that have dropped or are waiting for the course, update the Enrollment Status.

Student contact info screenshot

Enrollment Dates

The third tab, Enrollment Dates, displays the Student’s Name, ID Number, Add Date, Drop Date and Grade. To view students that have dropped or are waiting for the course update the Enrollment Status.

Enrollment dates for students screenshot

Other Features

To view FERPA regulations, click on the View FERPA Statement link.

View FERPA statement link

To email a selection of your students check the notify box next to the students ID, then click on the Notify Selected Students button.

Notify selected students button

To email all students enrolled in the course select the Notify Listed Students button.

Notify listed students button

Type your message and click Send Notification

Composing an email to send to students

You will receive confirmation that your message was sent successfully.

Successful confirmation message screenshot


Need Assistance?

Contact the Office of the Registrar at (208) 426-4249, (800) 824-7017, or email