Cell Phone Rate Plans

Boise State University, through State of Idaho contracts, currently has working relationships with AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon, allowing employees to purchase mobile communications devices and rate plans at reduced prices.


Boise State employees are eligible for a 17% discount on monthly rate plan charges. AT&T offers many free or low-cost phone choices.

Local Boise Stores

  • 1475 Broadway Avenue, (208) 426-0564
  • 502 N. Milwaukee, (208) 376-9987

Web Sites

Change of Financial Responsibility

  • Business End User Care, (888) 444-4410, option 2 -> option 5.
  • Please reference Foundation Account #100281 to ensure your employee discount.


Boise State employees are eligible for a 18% discount on selected Sprint plans. Also, a 10% discount on all Sprint accessory purchases is available.

Web Site

To order, contact Tony Fallow at (208) 724-3000, or email Tony.M.Fallow@sprint.com.


Boise State employees are eligible for a 18% discount on monthly rate plans ($34.99/month or higher), 20% discount on data features, equipment discounts, an activation fee waiver (in the amount of $35.00), and free overnight shipping.

Additional Information

Web Site

To order and/or complete financial liability transfers, contact Gara Mccutcheon at (208) 866-2000.


T-Mobile Amplified Program

These discounts are not available in stores.

The T-Mobile Amplified plan gives all new and existing employees and their families T-Mobile’s most premium plans with a huge savings. A family of four can save up to 33% from our standard pricing and discounted phones/devices for University employees. (These premium features being included in your employee offering equate to 22% off on a single line, 25% off on 2 lines, 30% off on 3 lines, 33% off on 4 lines, etc.) Visit T-Mobile’s site to see those discounts.

University Employees must call the T-Mobile Amplified Direct line @ 1-855-570-9947 and use the employee promo code 12829TMOFAV and their Boise State email address. Other discounts available to University employees, those who are provided a University paid T-Mobile voice device must call the T-Mobile Amplified Direct line @ 1-855-570-9947 and mention Business Family Discount to receive a monthly discount on their qualified rate plan and use the employee promo code 12829TMOFAV.

T-Mobile ONE Military

Our military plan gives veterans, service members, and their families all the benefits of T-Mobile ONE at a specially discounted price. A great deal for you, and 50% off additional line price for lines 2-6 vs. T-Mobile ONE; with AutoPay. To sign up call the T-Mobile Amplified Direct line @ 1-855-570-9947 and use the University employee promo code 123829TMOFAV and Boise State email address.

Existing T-Mobile employees on our legacy advantage program, please visit https://validate.t-mobile.com/employee-discount and follow the instructions on this site. It may take up to three billing cycles. if you are having issues with that site, please contact our Migrations team and they will be able to help from there at mcsaMigrations@T-MobileSupport.com

Important Notes! ****DISCOUNTS NOT AVAILABLE IF PHONES ACTIVATED IN STORE**** If you want a question answered before you call the T-Mobile Amplified Direct line, email Andrea Kippen, Employee Account Manager – at Andrea.Kippen@T-Mobile.com with the information of Name, Promo Code, Contact #, Time Zone, Current Carrier & # of Lines, & Requested Callback Date/Time.

Need Assistance?

For more information, contact the Help Desk at (208) 426-4357, helpdesk@boisestate.edu, chat, or Help Desk Self Service.

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