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Data Requests

The Business Intelligence Reporting Services (BIRS) team works to aggregate data from various sources in the Data Warehouse, a unified dataset allowing campus stakeholders to analyze large bodies of data through meaningful reports.

Submit a data request to create a new report, enhance an existing report, or build new data warehouse integrations.

The link below will take you to Boise State Reporting. Be sure to select Submit a Data Request under “Reporting Resources”.

Request Access to Data Reporting

Submit a Data Request

How can we help your team succeed?

Below, you can review several of the commonly requested Business Intelligence Reporting Services projects. We would be happy to discuss your potential project with you.

Build a New Report

If you are wanting to aggregate and analyze campus data in useful, meaningful reports, our Data Warehouse Development team can help. We assist you in defining your criteria and outputs and put reports in your hands that can aid you in steering your team’s operations.

Enhance an Existing Report

If a report you are using now needs improvements or alterations, we work through the desired changes with you to ensure that it will continue to meet your needs, moving forward.

Build New Data Warehouse Integrations

Is there data living outside the data warehouse you want to see brought in? We can explore establishing an ETL (extract, transform, load) process to aggregate your data with ours.

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