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Project Management Office

Forms and Workflow

Boise State offers several forms platforms depending on your needs.

Visit Webguide to learn about the features and functionality provided by each system to determine what’s best for your department or area.

Webguide: Forms Features and Functionality

How can we help your team succeed?

Below, you can review several of the commonly requested Forms and Workflow projects. We would be happy to discuss your potential project with you.

Optimize a Workflow

The Project Management Office can assist your department in reviewing pain points in your current state processes and identify new ways to increase efficiency, eliminate redundancy and ensure accuracy.

Build User-Friendly Forms

If one of your processes involves significant amounts of user/requestor inputs and involves review and approval steps, a customized electronic form may be an excellent option for your team.

Enhance an Existing Form

If your department is already collecting data from users/requestors electronically but struggle to stay on top of your accompanying workflows or are in need of alterations to those forms, we can assist.

Other Project Types

You may be interested in reviewing the other major project areas that the PMO coordinates.

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