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Project Management Office

PeopleSoft and Enterprise Systems

Those in the PMO who focus on enterprise systems and applications work to leverage the University’s primary, campus-wide databases and tools to streamline and maximize the benefits from all of campus operations.

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How can we help your team succeed?

Below, you can review several of the commonly requested PeopleSoft and Enterprise Systems projects. We would be happy to discuss your potential project with you.

PeopleSoft Integrations

Whether you need to extract data for import or use by a third-party product or need data to flow in the opposite direction, we can help you work through the process of getting what you need into or out of the University’s primary enterprise system.

Custom PeopleSoft Pages and Functionality

In some cases, it may be necessary to build new innovative pages within the framework of PeopleSoft in order to meet your team’s business needs.

Maintenance and Testing

As new patches, enhancements, and releases make their way to the University, our team facilitates the testing and coordination of all activities and tasks required to keep the University’s data infrastructure running strong with the latest and greatest code available.

Other Project Types

You may be interested in reviewing the other major project areas that the PMO coordinates.

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