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Google for Education Stats: How Do You Compare?

Google for Education Stats Q1 2015

Looking at web and software stats can, minimally, let you know whether and how much people utilize your products and services. But what other information can we gain by looking closely at Boise State University Google for Education usage stats for the first quarter of 2015?

Number of emails received per month (avg) 209 1,178
Number of emails sent per month (avg) 30 344
Google+ Logins for Q1 5,139 1,216
Gmail storage used (avg) 75 MB 680 MB
Google Drive storage used (avg) 61 MB 394 MB
Google Drive top storage usage (top student and top employee) 2 TB 2 TB
Google Drive top number of files (top student and top employee) 611,578 files owned 184,333 files owned

Interesting Statistics

  • The percentage of students and the percentage of employees who use Google+ is about the same.
  • Employees are about twice as likely as students to use their Boise State Google Drive and Google Calendar and about five times as likely to use their Boise State email account.
  • Students and employees upload about 10 times as many documents to Google Drive than we create as Google Docs.
  • We use Google Chrome over other browsers: 45% of students and 42% of faculty use Google Chrome.

Detailed Stats

Click the image to view a full-sized report.

Google for Education Stats Q1 2015 small image


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