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Chrome is Your Browser of Choice (and Other Google Info)

Google for Education Stats Q1 2015

Some highlights of how we used Google applications at Boise State between April 2015 – June 2015:

Google Chrome is your primary web browser at Boise State:


Q2 Faculty Staff Google Apps Browser Usage


Student Q2 Google Apps Browser Usage

30,622 of you used Boise State Gmail to send 1,503,218 emails.

You received 18,496,453 emails; of those, 5,836,797 (31%) were marked as spam.

7,587 people used Google Drive:


Q2 Google Apps Usage for Students


Q2 Faculty and Staff Google Apps Usage

Students each averaged 85 MB of storage in their Gmail accounts. Faculty/staff averaged 712 MB of Gmail storage.

Faculty/staff each had an average of 647 MB stored in their Google Drive accounts, whereas students averaged about 76 MB each.

You created 663,002 Google documents within Google Drive, but you uploaded a whopping 4,236,160 non-Google files (taking advantage of unlimited Google storage, as you should):


Q2 Student Google Drive Uploads


Q2 Faculty and Staff Google Drive Uploads