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Project Updates for February 2018

Project Management Office

Status information about individual projects is available through the Office of Information Technology’s Project Management Office website.

You can view projects scheduled to go live in the next 30 days, active projects, requested projects, and projects completed in the last 90 days.

The following represent a few of the projects recently completed by the Project Management Office :

Modify EAF to Route to Budget Office Only

Previously, EAF’s (Electronic Authorization Forms) were set up so that at a minimum all requests went through the Office of the Provost and the Budget Office. Often there are changes such as title or minimal pay rates that only need to go to the Budget Office for approval, rather than route back through the entire approval workflow.

The Project Management Office implemented this change at the request of the Office of Human Resource Services.

MyInsights Report: Letter of Appointments

The Division of Extended Studies processes approximately 1,200 Letters of Appointment (LOAs) annually.

The previous process for creating LOAs relied upon manipulating data received from three PeopleSoft queries, requiring manual maintenance of a master LOA spreadsheet, and utilized information from multiple PeopleSoft data sources to compile the information needed to produce and distribute LOAs.

That process carried a high degree of risk for missing or incorrect data due to manipulating an existing PeopleSoft query, pulling in incorrect data sources when combining multiple data queries, and producing incorrect payroll distributions for employees. The process was also time consuming, and there was not a single source of data containing the information needed to evaluate and issue the LOAs.

A MyInsights report was created to provide detailed information regarding class data, revenue, and estimated costs on a frequent basis (estimated bi-weekly) so academic chairs and deans could strategically look at classes to determine whether to prorate or cancel classes.

The Project Management Office implemented this change at the request of the Division of Extended Studies.

Integrate Housing Data with Data Warehouse

The Division of Student Affairs needed to include demographic data in their reporting from PeopleSoft.

At the request of Student Affairs, an interface was created to import demographic data to the data warehouse, and an edit was made to existing enrollment reports to include housing data.

This integrated solution benefits Housing and Residential Life, Admissions, Enrollment Services and Institutional Research.

The Project Management Office implemented this change at the request of Housing and Residential Life.

Project Requests and Information

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