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Recent IT Projects for Registrar, Academic Advising, and Extended Studies

Projects completed July 2018

Our Project Management Office recently completed projects to help the Registrar’s Office and Academic Advising coordinate advising and scheduling of rooms based on student major changes; develop a report to help Extended Studies engage with students who have not registered in the past two years; and, facilitate an upgrade of the Nampa Gateway Bookstore’s point of sale network server.

Major Change Detail Report

Registrar’s Office and Academic Advising needed a report that captures students who have had a major change. This report was needed to coordinate advising, budgeting and scheduling of both rooms and faculty.

The Project Management Office and the Business Intelligence Reporting Services development team created a new report called Major Change Detail, which details instances where students add, drop and change majors.

This report will also be used by the College of Engineering to assist their advising efforts.

Discontinued Student Report

Extended Studies requested a report to identify enrolled students who have not registered for two years, to inform their student advising success team to reach out and provide awareness of offerings and opportunities.

The Project Management Office and the Business Intelligence Reporting Services development team created two new reports. The University-Wide Pre Discontinued Student List and Post Discontinued Student List reports will provide Extended Studies with the requested data.

These reports were also shared with the School of Nursing to assist their efforts to encourage students to continue and complete their program.

Nampa Gateway Bookstore Server Upgrade

The Nampa Gateway Bookstore location was running its point of sale system on old, out of warranty hardware and required a system upgrade to meet PCI compliance requirements.

The Project Management Office facilitated virtualization and migration of the point of sale system within the Office of Information Technology’s state of the art virtual server environment.

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